Why Multi-Tenant Architecture Is The Way Of The Future

By Jager Robinson | October 25, 2022

As eCommerce continues to require more computing power, data, and native interconnectivity, it’s vital that your eCommerce platform is scalable, cost-effective, and fast. Most legacy eCommerce solution providers remain focused on the old way of providing a locked, single-tenant approach to software architecture. But what is the difference between single- and multi-tenant software architecture?

The Tenants of eCommerce

Single-tenant software architecture is the idea of there being one single instance of the software and supporting infrastructure to serve one single customer. With single tenancy, software and infrastructure are not shared, and it is a closed loop of information.

With multi-tenant software, that single instance of software and architecture serves multiple customers. Each customer shares the software application, the database, and the infrastructure all while keeping their data private.

Why Does This Matter?

While single-tenant architecture is good at securing your organization’s hardware and software against outside attacks due to a limited number of people using your systems and remains dependable due to dedicated infrastructure, the limited nature of the software means maintenance, setup, and cost are all wildly inappropriate for today’s fast-moving market where adaptability, scalability, and growth are everything.

Maintaining infrastructure for one person and one dedicated use of software means more frequent checks to ensure the architecture is running smoothly and efficiently. Due to the nature of on-site data storage and infrastructure, setup and the costs associated with running that facility and software skyrocket.

In a multi-tenant system, which many cloud-based API solutions are based, many customers sharing the cost for data storage and operation means a lowered software and organization cost associated. Integrations to new applications are done at a faster pace through the use of APIs and established connections with other customers. Above all else, utilizing this cloud-based architecture also means “hands-free” maintenance as your SaaS vendor will take care of any technical issues that arise from using the product.

Utilizing Logicbroker

Logicbroker utilizes a cloud-based API for all of our processes. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is run on multi-tenant architecture and utilizes each of the above benefits to help our customers onboard new vendors in under an hour, integrate with all file types, and create new products and solutions that our customers need in record time.

Cost Savings

While legacy eCommerce solutions provide software that may be multi-tenant in nature, many still charge exorbitant fees to connect vendors or do even the simplest tasks. Logicbroker’s cost savings of utilizing our multi-tenant, cloud-based API are passed on to our customers. There are no file transfer fees, connection fees, or even onboarding fees as we get you connected to more vendors.

For brands and vendors looking to connect to additional retailers, Logicbroker is one simple integration. With no additional IT resources or money needed, vendors can utilize Logicbroker to connect to retailers looking to sell their products.


Growing businesses often struggle with single-tenant architecture. Due to the nature of closed systems, when organizations grow they need to add more physical data storage centers to compensate. Utilizing Logicbroker’s platform ensures that growth is encouraged, not restricted. Connect and grow with Logicbroker’s powerful cloud-based API for unmatched scalability.


Logicbroker’s advanced software security measures ensure that your data remains private and proprietary while still achieving the unmatched speed of a multi-tenant platform. Don’t wait to get your products to market with our D2C and B2B Drop Shipping and Marketplace solutions. Utilizing our multi-tenant architecture we have the experience needed to get your new program running in weeks, not months or years.

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While eCommerce continues to climb at the speed of light, your organization cannot wait to take advantage of the only truly multi-tenant eCommerce platform on the market today. Scale, grow, and save money by switching to Logicbroker’s powerful cloud-based API that can build any D2C or B2B marketplace or drop shipping platform you need. Logicbroker is also the only provider of B2B Supply Chain Visibility offerings to help your organization get a clearer picture of your  supply chain and how to overcome any additional challenges.

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