Enjoy A New Level Of Product, Partner, And Connection Flexibility With Cortina Acquisition

By Jager Robinson | February 15, 2024

The most advanced, flexible, and modern multi-vendor commerce platform on the market today got a lot more interesting with the acquisition of Cortina, an up-and-coming marketplace platform, as identified in the latest McFadyen Suite Spot Report

Cortina’s unique toolset positioned it as an attractive solution for businesses looking to quickly embrace a curated marketplace, aligning perfectly with our own business goals. With the acquisition and integration planning well underway, we are excited to share the three unique features, available today, that will bolster Logicbroker’s capabilities, excite both retailers and suppliers, and help create the most robust multi-vendor commerce platform in the world. 

1) A Shopify Integration That Couldn’t Be More Accessible

The first and most impactful feature available to Logicbroker customers, both new and old, is the onboarding of Cortina’s unique Squarespace and Shopify integrations. 

If a retailer or vendor was working with a legacy technology provider, the unfortunate nature of multi-vendor commerce is that there is a lot of friction. New vendors have to log into endless portals, sync product content across dozens of channels, and figure out ways to get data out of these portals to better understand their customers. Retailers have to not only manage, monitor, and maintain all of these connections but, in many cases, individually interact with each supplier to ensure they are even onboarded in the first place. 

Logicbroker’s current Shopify connector ensures all orders, fulfillment, and inventory channels can be managed by each team’s respective platform of choice. Vendors can see every order in their Shopify account, and our retailer customers can continue to monitor progress through the Logicbroker portal or in their internal systems. 

Our new friends at Cortina have taken the whole process another step forward for our combined ecosystem. Cortina’s unique Shopify and Squarespace connectors give vendors and retailers the added ability to sync product content from Shopify into the retailer’s ecosystem. Cortina removed the friction associated with new vendors participating in marketplaces by ensuring that all product content was synced from their Shopify account and sent directly to the retailer using a few simple tags. 

For example, Fran Berger Living was looking to onboard new vendors for its array of specialty home goods products. With a legacy provider, Fran Berger Living’s target suppliers would probably have had to upload a spreadsheet into their ecosystem and hope the data came through as intended. With Cortina’s Shopify connection fully integrated into the Logicbroker ecosystem, new suppliers can now simply tag their Shopify products with “Cortina” to sync across systems into Fran Berger Living’s incredible aisle of home merchandise. 

Building The Perfect System

With this unique integration now part of the Logicbroker family, work has begun on a single connection that utilizes Logicbroker’s incredible Product Onboarding Center and Cortina’s unique Shopify integrations to create a truly spectacular product onboarding experience. 

Once complete, vendors will be able to tag products in Shopify to synchronize them directly to the Logicbroker ecosystem and all product data will immediately be available through our Product Onboarding Center, simplifying the experience for suppliers and giving retailers the control they need to ensure all data is up to their standards. 

Vendors can remain in Shopify, retailers can remain in their existing internal systems or leverage our advanced portal, and both parties can not only onboard at the speed of the market but can sync product data at the click of a button. With the Cortina acquisition, Logicbroker has made huge strides in removing friction for both brands and retailers. Retailers can enjoy a rapidly expanding assortment that isn’t predicated on weeks for suppliers to not only onboard but sync their product content. 

2) Advanced Product and Partner Discovery Tools 

Another advanced feature coming to the Logicbroker ecosystem with the acquisition of Cortina is their incredible product and partner discovery toolset. Because many brands can remain in their ecosystem to manage their products and transactions, Cortina built a backend system that houses every product tagged for the Cortina platform from all 1,500 of their suppliers. 

Through Cortina, retailers can check out other products various Cortina suppliers are selling elsewhere, allowing them to easily select new products or suppliers to work with simply by selecting the supplier. These discovery tools still require contracts to be signed, but because of Cortina’s advanced toolset, the discovery of new products, partners, suppliers, and more is as easy as browsing through the Cortina discovery portal. 

This level of product discovery will further enhance visibility into Logicbroker’s trusted Supplier Network. Our combined network will feature close to 9,000 suppliers from all industry verticals, ensuring retailers in our network have more ways to develop an endless aisle of curated, in-demand products. 

3) A Product Selling Suite That Just Works

Because of the first two features listed in this blog, this next feature just fundamentally works. Cortina’s toolset gives retailers the ability to start selling products in record time. With Logicbroker at the helm, and our advanced cloud-based ecosystem handling the workload, customers can now enjoy tools that rapidly onboard new customers & vendors, showcase 9,000 suppliers’ worth of product data, and sync fulfillment data across every necessary channel in record time. 

With On-Demand Onboarding getting new suppliers up and running in a retailer’s ecosystem in under an hour, and Cortina’s product discovery tools showcasing thousands of suppliers’ products at the click of a button, retailers now have unparalleled power to make rapid speed-of-market decisions that will impact their bottom line and drive revenue growth for years to come. 

If someone in the Logicbroker network is selling a product they want to feature, a few button clicks will show them everything they need to know to get connected to start building a commercial relationship and selling those products on their site. 

Logicbroker and Cortina combined will make the onboarding and discovery aspect of selling so seamless that customers’ longest wait times will be for email responses, rather than for uploads or integrations. 

Learn More and Reach Out

If you’re looking for the perfect multi-vendor commerce platform to start your own dropship or marketplace program, or are looking to replatform with the most flexible and advanced platform on the market, please reach out to our team members. We are excited to continue to showcase what the Cortina acquisition has in store for our customers. 

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