Born to grill, BBQGuys helps consumers get the most out of their backyard from increased efficiency and flexible vendor onboarding with Logicbroker.


Wanting a solution that could scale appropriately with their business, BBQGuys traded their internal manual drop ship program for Logicbroker’s powerful solution. With better communication tools, more visibility into vendor documentation, and increased efficiency, BBQGuys can work on providing the best backyard experience for consumers.

41% Increase In Efficiency

600+ Suppliers Onboarded and Growing

Automated Vendor Onboarding Experience

Backyard Challenges

BBQGuys, the most trusted name for grilling and outdoor living, has spent the last 20 years offering the largest selection of premium grills, BBQ smokers, and backyard essentials. As eCommerce took over the main stage, BBQGuys developed an internal drop ship program to help connect vendors with their valued customers. Grilling tips, recipes, and backyard advice of all kind was made available through BBQGuys’ website and their drop ship program anchored their online offerings.

With an in-house effort came an unfortunate need for tedious, repetitive, and manual documentation and vendor onboarding processes. With a glaring lack of communication, compliance insights, and readily available documentation, maintenance costs were running high on their drop ship program.

Every minute we spent working to improve old processes was time spent not moving forward with something that might be much better.

Rose Hunter

Senior Manager of Vendor Support at BBQGuys

The BBQGuys executive team, along with representatives from seven internal departments, determined they needed an automated drop ship program that would eliminate manhours, offer flexible integrations with their vendors, and help increase their documentation visibility across the board.

Scalable Solutions

After lengthy discussions with many of the eCommerce industry’s top drop ship providers, BBQGuys partnered with Logicbroker due to their flexible connections, scalable solutions, and automated vendor onboarding processes.

Logicbroker was the only solution we found that offered enough functionality to be the sole touch point for our vendors.

Rose Hunter

Senior Manager of Vendor Support at BBQGuys

BBQGuys now utilizes Logicbroker’s powerful, cloud-based API and portal to act as the central hub for inventory, orders, and pricing communications with their vendors. The Logicbroker onboarding team handles all vendor onboarding processes and support, so their product team can focus on finding new products and vendors that meet their customer’s needs.

Perhaps the most immediate reason BBQGuys selected Logicbroker over the competition was Logicbroker’s unique, flexible connection integrations. Logicbroker can connect with all communication and file types including EDI, XML, JSON, and more. In addition, Logicbroker helps BBQGuys connect with 3PLs and other logistics organizations like Convey to help their vendors.

The Right Results

Since choosing Logicbroker, BBQGuys was able to onboard over 600 vendors into their finely curated ecosystem. As the onboarding is handled through Logicbroker, BBQGuys has also been able to continually enhance their own internal processes knowing that Logicbroker will handle any connection type required.

With a simplified communication, documentation, and compliance process for their vendors, new vendors are onboarded in under 15 days on average and BBQGuys is now able to drop ship consistently with tangible YOY returns recorded in real-time with inventory, shipping, and order updates. BBQGuys has once again been able to focus on a total customer experience with increased order volume, reduced cancellations, and faster shipping times all on one automated system.

Growth For The Future

BBQGuys and Logicbroker continue to onboard new vendors into the BBQGuys family as fast as they are made available. After a lengthy process of setting up a new drop ship program from scratch, Rose Hunter encouraged all who consider implementing a drop ship program to find the right partner to help make it happen.

[You] need to make people understand the change and impacts it will have on the business. Personally, I have made some great business contacts and friends through Logicbroker, they are a wonderful company with great people!

Rose Hunter

Senior Manager of Vendor Support at BBQGuys

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