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The Top 5 Reasons for Implementing NetSuite EDI + Drop Ship Automation

For eCommerce suppliers looking to achieve EDI compliance and improve their relationship with retailer and marketplace partners, implementing an EDI SuiteApp is a simple solution.

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How Can Supply Chain Automation Tools Help Your Company Succeed?

Human progress is exponential: The sophistication of our industries and endeavors doesn’t increase by a fixed amount every year — it accelerates. For industry leaders, this is both a challenge and an opportunity; organizations that embrace change and stay on the forefront of this exponential growth can realize significant benefits.

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How to Select a Drop Shipping Technology

Developing drop shipping capabilities offers serious benefits for your business, but it can still seem like a daunting task. Your business systems need to be hooked in, you have to manage your drop shipping relationships and getting involved with some of the largest marketplaces and retailers out there requires technical expertise.

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Connecting EDI to an API

BRIDGING THE DATA GAP EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. This data format pioneered structured data transmission (established in the late 1960’s) via computer, and many companies continue to utilize this method of data communication today. EDI provides a consistent and predictable way to transmit data between two computer systems.

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6 Emails That Re-Engage Customers & Promote Loyalty

Guest Blog from Omnisend So many email marketers are far too focused on subscriber count that they unwittingly miss out on opportunities to generate more sales. While your subscriber base is undeniably crucial to the success of any email marketing campaign, a revenue-focused marketer would put as much effort into re-engaging customers as generating opt-ins.

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Logicbroker 2020 Event Roadmap

Our team kicked off the 2020 trade show circuit at NRF. We had a great time catching up with our clients and partners, and meeting new digital commerce enthusiasts too. We have a packed schedule for the remainder of the year, and hope to see you on the road! Continue below to catch us at

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How Retailers Can Have Complete Visibility to Drop Ship Orders

Going into 2020, online shopping continues to remain strong. With more and more shoppers turning to eCommerce as their primary shopping outlet, competition remains fierce between companies. Cultivating a large network of loyal customers is a winning strategy to keep that competitive edge. As a retailer, maintaining your brand is imperative. As you strive to

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The State of Online Retail: 2020 & Beyond

Going into the 2020 Holiday Peak, our team has been working hard to ensure a smooth selling season for our valued customers and portal users. While prepping for the upcoming rush, our product team reviewed our data and trends from top performing sales days (i.e. Prime Day) to come up with the following forecasts for

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