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How Retailers can Make Marketplace + Drop Ship Returns and Cancellations Seamless

For companies operating as their own marketplace, selling on other marketplaces, or using drop ship models, a good returns & cancellations policy not only improves the relationship with customers but with suppliers/sellers as well.

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The State of Online Retail: 2020 & Beyond

Going into the 2020 Holiday Peak, our team has been working hard to ensure a smooth selling season for our valued customers and portal users. While prepping for the upcoming rush, our product team reviewed our data and trends from top performing sales days (i.e. Prime Day) to come up with the following forecasts for

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The Importance of Shipping

Visiting brick-and-mortars gives customers an immediate sense of your business’s scale and size. Customers engage with your products, walk down your aisles, talk to the staff, buy their items and leave. You get the idea. The same tactile experience is unavailable when online shopping. Showcasing the scale and size of your business is more difficult

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Release Notes: 10/28

As we head into the Holiday Season, we’ve upgraded our platform to deliver an enhanced user experience and set our users up for success. Here are the latest updates to our platform, released on 10/28. Stay up-to-date with additional notes, updates, and support on Logicbroker’s Help Center.

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Logicbroker Reconnects Your Mismatched SKUs

Picture this: you’re adding new inventory to your website for the upcoming holiday season. The only thing is, you forgot to set up the same SKUs in the Logicbroker platform. Or, if you’re a retailer, your supplier may not have properly matched their inventory products. In the past, you would have to perform the near-impossible

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The Logicbroker Difference

In the wake of an emerging retail renaissance, companies are eager to stay ahead of the curve in ensuring their product gets in the hands of consumers as quickly and efficiently as possible. When Logicbroker was founded in 2010, the goal was to create a cloud-based integration hub to modernize drop ship automation, simplify EDI integrations,

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Make Your Invoicing Simpler with Logicbroker

The Logicbroker team is always working to help automate the EDI and drop ship process. For users who send and receive EDI 820 documents, Logicbroker now makes makes it easier to decipher EDI 820 mapping fields to make your invoicing process simpler.

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Connected Commerce 2019 Recap

It’s hard to believe Connected Commerce 2019 has come and gone. Before we get into the full event recap, we wanted to thank all of our wonderful speakers, sponsors, and attendees. We’re so glad that we could learn and celebrate the future of digital commerce with you!

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