Most brands have trusted retailers carrying their products, whether a large big-box retailer or smaller eCommerce companies. However, when it comes time to expand your brand’s reach and get your products into the hands of an even wider assortment of customers, where should you turn to?

Say you’re considering selling with a new retailer, but you don’t know where to start. The task of getting the IT connections to that retailer is daunting, to say the least. But with Logicbroker, you have access to over 135 Certified EDI Retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair and more.

With one Logicbroker connection, you can unlock any retailer sales channel and effortlessly manage your B2C and B2B relationships. Logicbroker enables rock solid commerce channels for your business while maximizing margins without transactional fees. By using these pre-built connections, your brand can quickly light up new sales channels and eliminate the complexity of managing multiple trading partners.

But how does it work?

Logicbroker works with your retailer’s technical team directly to set up the connection.

The process involves connecting Logicbroker’s stage environment to test all necessary documents to verify a compliant and successful integration.

The Logicbroker implementation team helps you through the setup process, seamlessly connecting to the retailer directly. You can integrate with Certified EDI Retailers using all standard Logicbroker options including XML, JSON, CSV, Flat file, API, or through the Logicbroker portal.  Through its certification process, Logicbroker has created direct secure connections to retailers for EDI processing without using VAN to eliminate unnecessary, outdated VAN fees.

Simplify EDI compliance.

Our team of experts has invested the time to complete comprehensive mapping and testing according to retailers’ standards in order to get you up and running fast. We keep you compliant with each retailer’s individual compliance and document requirements. 

Setting up the integration involves just a few steps:

  • Fill out onboarding survey
  • Receive invitation to the Logicbroker portal
  • Setting up ship methods, payment terms, remittance addresses, and vendor numbers
  • Setup products and initial inventory feeds
  • Follow the test cases
  • Setup notifications
  • Prepare to move into production

Getting started with an ever-growing assortment of retailers has never been easier. Search for your next EDI integration on our website, or get in touch with our experts to get started today.

Nina Drozdenko

Nina Drozdenko

Nina graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2019 with a degree in Digital Media and Design, concentrated in Digital Media Strategies for Business. Her expertise ranges from graphic & layout design, UI, brand development, web design, motion graphics and more. As Creative Designer at Logicbroker, Nina works on the Marketing team to deliver the latest updates to Logicbroker's branding & design. Since becoming involved with Logicbroker in 2018, she's been able to continue developing the Logicbroker brand identity along with her own career. Outside of work, Nina loves all things digital media, like video games and animation, as well as art and music.


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