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Cloud-based commerce enablement platform


Award-Winning Service

Beyond the software, our team is composed of talented individuals with a passion for digital commerce. Logicbroker boasts a 98 percent satisfaction rating and provides an operations plus technology model.

Technical Expertise

From solution design to everyday support, trust the people and expertise of Logicbroker! Our resources have deep experience in the eCommerce and supply chain space and know how to get stuff done.


EDI Compliance

Be fully EDI compliant with your retail customers. Logicbroker will quickly onboard new connections with a fresh approach to EDI.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

If you are spending just one hour a day manually processing orders, in a typical work year that will add up to 250 hours or 31 work days. Get that time back with automation from EDI.

Improve Accuracy

Because EDI transmits documents electronically, the chances of re-keying errors are eliminated and costly human errors are eliminated.

Automated Order Life Cycle

EDI enables you to work in near real-time, enabling orders, shipments, invoices, and inventory quantities to always be in sync.

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Commerce API

The Logicbroker Commerce API empowers you to communicate through the entire order life cycle with any partner using one connection endpoint. Regardless if the brand or retailer sends orders in EDI, XML, CSV, or JSON, the same format will be consumed.

Postman Collection

Logicbroker has partnered with Postman, a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) platform, to make your API development faster and easier, from building API requests through testing, documentation, and sharing.

Brand and Retailers

Logicbroker supports bi-directional communication for orders in any format. The Logicbroker Commerce API allows for seamless integration to simplify a one-to-many relationship.


Eliminate unnecessary and potentially performance robbing calls to an API, as webhooks support real-time data transfer. Simply provide Logicbroker with a webhook endpoint, and workflows will be configured to allow data to move quickly and efficiently, streamlining the order life cycle process.

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Web Portal

Intuitive Design

Our easy-to-use web interface is optimized for simplicity and speed: in, out, and on with your day. Batch-process order life cycle data with our advanced import/export tools.

Monitoring Tools

Logicbroker has a comprehensive suite of monitoring, reporting, and exception management tools optimized to maintain clear visibility across your supplier ecosystem.

Vendor Performance

Eliminate the complexity of running a successful drop ship program. Built-in scorecarding and compliance tools ensure SLAs are achieved and customers are delighted.

Powerful Search Tools

Quickly find what you need with Logicbroker search. We provide lightening-fast results querying any data point; including customer name, PO number, SKU, tracking number, and more.

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Integrate modern RESTful APIs to bypass the world of legacy supply chain data. We have all of the endpoints, code snippets, and test cases you need. One connection to rule them all.


Applicability Statement 2( AS2) is a secure standard to securely exchange EDI over the internet. There is never a charge from Logicbroker to leverage our AS2 protocol.


The Logicbroker virtualized file transfer service eliminates the headaches and risks associated with traditional FTP. VFTP provides real-time file transfer and is closely integrated with the Logicbroker reporting suite.


Logicbroker supports Value Added Network (VAN) for your trading partner’s legacy system. Although plain FTP is supported, Logicbroker highly recommends using SFTP for encrypted connections.

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Business Rule Engine

Business Rules

Simplify complex rules and forgo custom mapping and development with the Logicbroker business rule engine. Java Script based and provisioned by certified Logicbroker personnel, rules can be implemented quickly to accommodate your data needs without mapping changes.

Validation Engine

Garbage in is garbage out. Stop noncompliant data at the door and keep your systems clean and efficient. Logicbroker ensures the data flowing to your systems is the data you want, and systematically notifies your trading partner if something needs to be addressed.

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Well Documented

We love great documentation and have meticulously crafted our specs with developers in mind. We provide all of the specifications, document standards, and code snippets you need. Unrivaled flexibility and carefully complied test cases ensure no surprises downstream.

Flexible Formatting

Logicbroker can map to your existing XML or CSV template, or provide a complete set of certified specs that you can leverage to scale your operation without custom coding. Often times, your current files are the path of least resistance from an integration perspective, especially when dealing with legacy systems or rigid applications. Enjoy clean, modern technology with Logicbroker.

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Product Catalog

Manage Listings

Keep your system of record and avoid maintaining product information in multiple systems. Feed one catalog to Logicbroker and apply validation and cleansing logic to enrich the feed prior to publishing.

Syndicate Feeds

Syndicate your product listings to marketplaces and 1p retailers. Our product information tool will transform and transmit your data based on the recipient’s requirements. Catalog data can be published via API, CSV, XML, or EDI.

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Inventory Management

Maintain multiple inventory feeds with your trading partners. Brands are able to provide stock positions to individual customers or broadcast to their entire ecosystem. Retailers are able to confidently sell available products without worrying about out-of-stock or backorders.

Sourcing Logic

We give you the ability to route line items to different suppliers based on SKU. Business rules can be applied to enrich the data for advanced sourcing requirements. Manage exceptions if there is not a source available for your order.

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Operational Controls

The Logicbroker cloud architecture enables large volume throughput and asynchronous communication without the need for hardware or infrastructure on the client side. Quarterly releases are delivered without cost to clients and follow a three-step implementation approach to keep production online. Logicbroker, in accordance with its standard security policies and procedures, shall perform and share with the client a summary of the most recent results of any third-party security assessment or SSAE 16 assessment of the Logicbroker technology environment.

Encrypted at Rest

Logicbroker offers encrypted communications. Built-in SSL and TLS cryptography enables clients to encrypt communications within and between deployments, from Azure to on-premise data centers, and from Azure to administrators and users. Transparent data encryption (TDE) helps protect the Azure SQL Database and Data Warehouse against the threat of malicious activity by performing real-time encryption and decryption of the database, associated backups, and transaction log files at rest.

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Reporting & Notifications

For Retailers

  • Track vendor compliance
  • Sort and drill down on orders/exceptions
  • Initiate and maintain vendor integrations
  • Import/export files in batch
  • Save and load custom exports
  • Resend EDI documents
  • Configure reports/notifications
  • Open and view support tickets
  • View system events and exceptions

For Brands

  • Acknowledge orders
  • Upload inventory
  • Input tracking and shipment details
  • Import/export files in batch
  • Save and load custom exports
  • Resend EDI documents
  • Manage trading partner details
  • Print pick tickets/packing slips
  • Configure reports/notifications
  • Open and view support tickets
  • View system events and exceptions
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