Connecting EDI to an API

By Logicbroker | May 1, 2020


EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. This data format pioneered structured data transmission (established in the late 1960’s) via computer, and many companies continue to utilize this method of data communication today. EDI provides a consistent and predictable way to transmit data between two computer systems.

However, due to its age, EDI suffers from many limitations, namely: it’s difficult to understand/translate, a necessity for systems dedicated to processing the format, and an inability to support loosely structured/growing data needs. Nevertheless, today, many systems and companies still support this format since it meets a majority of their data needs. Because of this necessity, companies are seeking a modern alternative to automate their procurement documentation exchange.

Enter APIs, or application programming interface. These interfaces can provide data in a number of structured formats. APIs and their data formats are being widely adopted by many companies to serve their complex data needs. APIs are typically well documented, and present data in a human-readable format.

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