Both EDI and API data formats support the same goal- structured data communication for computer processing.

So, if you're considering which one to support, you may be torn as to which best fits your business needs.


Connecting EDI to an API: Bridging the Data Gap

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Logicbroker is the fastest, most flexible way to expand your assortment and generate more revenue with drop ship and curated marketplace selling.

With the power of Logicbroker, get from 0 to 60 in record time. Our platform is built for scale, speed and simplicity, empowering you to connect to all of your trading partners quickly and seamlessly.

What's the ROI of using Logicbroker?

Logicbroker Success Stories

Walgreens’ drop ship program gains transparency, cost savings and efficiency from Logicbroker implementation.

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Born to grill, BBQGuys helps consumers get the most out of their backyard from increased efficiency and flexible vendor onboarding with Logicbroker.

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Kroger is transforming the grocery industry with Logicbroker.

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FULLBEAUTY Brands adopts both a drop ship and marketplace solution with Logicbroker.

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