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The Most Complete Solution for Magento Drop Ship Automation

Magento merchants now have a solution for complete drop ship automation—dropship360TM by Logicbroker. With dropship360TM, merchants can easily add and rank vendors, view vendor inventory and cost listing, configure order sourcing, and manage Magento scheduled tasks. Experience enhanced relationships with your vendors due to the efficiency of full automation and the elimination of manual data entry. Need help getting started? Visit our Knowledge Base.

Supplier Portal

Merchants can use Logicbroker’s State-of-the-Art Supplier Portal to effortlessly connect with their Drop Ship Suppliers. The Portal allows you to see every step of the order fulfillment cycle. Never lose track of an order, saving you resources and customer reputation.

With the Logicbroker Portal, suppliers can:
• Receive, Fulfill, and Ship Orders within a Single Tool
• Easily Communicate with Merchants
• Review the Latest Activity including Incoming Orders and New Merchant Integrations
• Manage and Update Inventory
• Print Branded Packing Slips
• And More…

Manage Supplier Inventory and Cost

Fully integrated with Magento, dropship360TM allows Merchants to set price and inventory on the Supplier Level. Conveniently manage products from multiple Suppliers through Logicbroker’s range of Inventory Upload options giving you complete control how you want to receive updates.

• Inventory Update options include:
• Logicbroker Supplier Portal
• Manually via the Magento Admin Panel
• Product Upload via CSV straight to Magento or via FTP/FTPS Directories
• EDI and XML
• And More…

Automatic Purchase Order Routing

Seamlessly route purchase orders straight from Magento to the Logicbroker Supplier Portal. No more manual processes. Use dropship360TM to automatically route orders based on your pre-set specifications and enjoy a solution that configures to your specific business model.

Configurations include:
• Applying Cost-Based rules to maximize your margins
• Ranking Suppliers that work best for you
• Inventory Availability
• Focusing on Internal Warehouses before sourcing to External Drop Ship Suppliers

Backorder Management

Never accidentally sell out-of-stock inventory again. With dropship360TM‘s built-in safety buffer feature and automated reports you can easily understand your inventory levels well before you run out.

Easily view suppliers’ backordered inventory and automatically update backorderd sales. Key in on one particular supplier to source backordered purchases so you can stop wasting time trying to find these products.


With dropship360TM, you can enjoy full visibility to your order lifecycle using detailed item statuses. Know where your order is at any moment, as dropship360TM’s Order Sourcing page is built into Magento and lets you report on item statuses for each supplier’s order.

Centralized views in the Magento Admin Panel include:
• Purchase Order Management
• Sales Order Item Management
• Inventory Management
• And More…

Full Document Automation

The dropship360TM extension for Magento provides multiple pathways for complete supplier integration. Orders, tracking information, and inventory updates can be fulfilled in a multitude of formats.

Logicbroker can integrate with your suppliers via a host of options, including:
• And More…

World Class Team

The dropship360TM extension is backed by the World-Class team at Logicbroker–ready and willing to answer any questions and help you along the way.Once you start working with Logicbroker you will wonder how you ever processed orders before using dropship360TM.

Logicbroker works for you so you can work for your customers. Ready to get started? Download dropship360 from Magento Connect and create your Logicbroker account today!