Embrace A New And Unique Assortment Of Products

By Jager Robinson | March 7, 2024

In eCommerce, having connections is everything. Connections with suppliers, partners, and customers ensure a healthy and robust selling environment that satisfies all parties. But, those established connections can’t and shouldn’t be your only focus. 

As your fulfillment network evolves, so too should your expectations. It’s time to embrace a new alternative—a continuous unique assortment powered by product discovery. 

Evolving From Core Assortment

Every commerce platform available touts its supplier network, including Logicbroker. We are proud of the high-quality suppliers our retailer and brand customers utilize to enhance their core assortment of products that their customers have come to expect. But, by only focusing on their core products, some retailers start to stagnate or lose sales to those that are continuously evolving their assortment for the latest trends. 

For example, our customer BBQGuys has worked tirelessly to utilize their connections and the Logicbroker supplier network to connect to over 600 suppliers. These suppliers help BBQGuys sell products their customers expect like grills and outdoor equipment.

The real turning point for BBQGuys, and for every customer that comes through the Logicbroker network, was when we helped them evolve beyond their core offerings. The reality is that BBQGuys’ core offerings (grills, fire pits, and outdoor furniture) can be purchased at most major box stores. What customers can’t find anywhere is what sets them apart. Logicbroker’s onboarding tools and product discovery capabilities give BBQGuys the edge needed to continuously curate fast-moving, trending products that keep BBQ and outdoor aficionados coming back for more. With Logicbroker backing its onboarding capabilities, BBQGuys can also spend the resources necessary to have live representatives on their website ready to help find the perfect product match for its customers. 

This evolution is natural, and one that needs to take place. If a retailer or brand confines itself to one avenue of suppliers, they are essentially telling the world that it is comfortable selling what other brands are selling.

Ultimately, there is a different path to follow. One focused on utilizing Logicbroker’s advanced product and supplier discovery tools to quickly and effortlessly build new revenue streams. A path that is defined by embracing millions of potential supplier opportunities and differentiating yourself in the market. 

Product Discovery

Logicbroker, with its recent acquisition of Cortina, now allows retailers and brands to quickly and effortlessly discover products from our combined network of over 8,500 suppliers. These discovery tools, however, are not built solely for this purpose. Evolving beyond the supplier network means embracing a new way of thinking, one that utilizes Logicbroker’s discovery tools to build new supplier relationships. 

With Logicbroker’s Squarespace and Shopify connectors, our product discovery portal goes beyond anything available on the market. Instead of a supplier entering the network, uploading thousands of goods, and hoping additional retailers see the value, Logicbroker offers suppliers the ability to fulfill orders directly to a retailer or brand’s dropship or marketplace program. 

For retailers, the value is obvious. Not only are new suppliers onboarded in just hours but retailers are also able to effortlessly source trending goods without the need for a lengthy onboarding process. For suppliers, the benefits are even greater. Suppliers connected to the Logicbroker network, both new and established, get exposure to some of the highest velocity programs in the world.

To highlight these capabilities, let’s dive back into the BBQGuys example. Let’s say a new type of pizza oven is trending on TikTok or Instagram. Traditionally, and through many legacy providers, BBQGuys would have to specifically onboard that new supplier. They’d have to ask the supplier to build an API or invest in a legacy EDI solution just to onboard their products. This process could take months and by then peak demand is most likely waning or gone completely. With older legacy solutions, some suppliers even need to connect to a third-party portal which would take thousands of man-hours away from both BBQGuys and their new supplier.

With Logicbroker, the connection isn’t just instantaneous, it’s effortless. After a contract is signed, suppliers can simply connect to Logicbroker via their current eCommerce platform and directly fulfill any order requests. With pre-built connectors to every major eCommerce platform, Logicbroker takes all the painpoints away and lets retailers do business. So, in this case, BBQGuys can sign a contract with their latest pizza oven supplier and within hours accept orders on their website. 

There is no back and forth. No blind hope that the supplier has the technical sophistication or manpower needed to build a connection. Logicbroker ensures that once a deal is in place, the sale will be made. 

With this tool set, building a new and unique assortment of goods should be the norm, not the exception. Trends should always be capitalized on, not missed and overanalyzed. With advanced product discovery tools, Logicbroker has given retailers and brands the control they need to drive revenue, grow their assortment, and delight customers beyond their already strong core assortment. 

Learn More About Our Advanced Product Discovery Tools

To learn more about our product discovery tools, and how Logicbroker’s acquisition of Cortina has helped shape the future of Multi-Vendor Commerce for retailers, brands, and suppliers, visit our Cortina webpage. Don’t assume a connection can’t be made, expect more from your tech provider and build a unique, curated assortment that drives additional sales. 

About Logicbroker

Logicbroker is a premier multi-vendor commerce platform that seamlessly connects trading partners regardless of integration types. Our modern solutions empower retailers and brands to take control of their customer experience by harnessing and analyzing vital first-party data, reducing inventory risk, and curating their expanded assortment. By improving the visibility into our client’s commerce programs, Logicbroker can better position retailers and brands for transformative growth.

As business needs and demand shift, Logicbroker provides the ability to quickly switch suppliers and product fulfillment between 3P to 1P and responsibly find new sources of inventory that uphold your brand integrity and meet your delivery promise. ​We work with mid-market and Enterprise manufacturers, brands, and retailers across a number of verticals including Health & Wellness, Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Babies, and Consumer Packaged Goods and service brands such as Samsung, Victoria’s Secret, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, and BBQGuys.

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