Harness The Power Of Microsoft Azure For Your eCommerce Platform With Logicbroker

By Logicbroker | November 17, 2022

In an industry full of interconnectivity, it’s important to trust that your cloud provider and your eCommerce platform can work cohesively as you continue to grow your organization. The two largest cloud storage companies in the world right now are Microsoft and Amazon. Coming in at roughly 32% of the market, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform is the most commonly used eCommerce cloud provider on the market. Microsoft’s Azure platform, which accounts for roughly 27% of the market, is only used by one enterprise eCommerce platform—Logicbroker 

Strategic Advantages 

Switching away from providers that utilize AWS is more than just a stab at Amazon’s nearly 75% market share in the eCommerce marketplace segment; it’s about taking advantage of unique co-sell opportunities that reduce your input costs, increase your speed-to-market, and secure your priority data for years to come.  

Reducing Input Costs 

Logicbroker recently expanded our strategic partnership with Microsoft and is now a co-sell incentivized partner. This status, unmatched in the eCommerce industry, allows Logicbroker to help our customers reduce their overall input costs in several unique ways.  

Fortune 500 companies utilize Microsoft Azure for data storage and enter into a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). This MACC agreement can span a wide gambit of price ranges but now Logicbroker customers who utilize our solutions through the Microsoft marketplace, can reduce their overall MACC commitment by signing with Logicbroker. This means that companies with an Azure commitment will get dollar-for-dollar relief by adopting an eCommerce solution that is already best-in-market.  

Increase Your Security and Speed-To-Market 

Through Logicbroker’s partnership with Microsoft Azure, we are able to offer a 99.9% service uptime, enabling unmatched product speed-to-market. Our marketplace and drop ship solutions allow retailers to onboard vendors and suppliers in under an hour and build new programs from the ground up in weeks, rather than months 

Once your program is up and running, Logicbroker’s data-security measures ensure that all your data that passes through our system is secured against any attacks or breaches. All data stored with Logicbroker is encrypted and kept secure on Azure, which has never had a major security breach.  

Create an All-Encompassing eCommerce Solution 

Not only is Logicbroker the only enterprise-level eCommerce platform hosted on Azure that can scale and grow with any sized organization, but it’s also the only provider of B2B and D2C drop ship and marketplace solutions on the market in general. Our solutions cover every unique business operating today and can onboard new vendors into your program in under an hour ensuring every product, brand, customer, and consumer is supported on one platform.  

To maximize your ROI, Logicbroker also offers our brand new B2B Supply Chain Visibility offering that helps retailers secure their inventory and see exactly what is happening throughout the entire order lifecycle. 

Learn More From Our Partnership Team 

Logicbroker’s Partnership team, led by Vice President of Global Partnership, Craig Regan, is ready to help maximize your organization’s potential on the Microsoft Azure platform. Anthony Stames, a Strategic Partnership Manager at Logicbroker, works closely with our Microsoft partners to ensure that every one of our customers is treated as family once they join the Azure ecosystem.  

Stop overspending on eCommerce platforms that offer no added benefits. Working with Logicbroker for your B2B or D2C Drop Ship and Marketplace solutions ensures that not only is your money not going toward the competition but also guarantees that your products will reach your customers faster than ever before.  


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