How Organizations Are Creating A Frictionless eCommerce Experience

By Logicbroker | February 21, 2023


“Since the beginning, Logicbroker has spearheaded the creation of a “frictionless” eCommerce platform. Legacy providers, to this day, charge suppliers to join a retailer network, maintain ancient connection methods, have prohibitively long onboarding times, and so much more. None of our customer’s suppliers are forced into those tight boxes. We make it frictionless through automated connections, no fees, unlimited tech stack support, and so much more. I’m so proud of the solutions we’ve built that brought drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility into one world-class platform.”

– Craig Regan, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Logicbroker

Logicbroker sat down with our Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Craig Regan, to discuss how Health and Wellness companies strategically use Logicbroker and how Logicbroker customers are saving money with more services. 

What does Logicbroker provide that Health & Wellness organizations tend to latch on to?

Logicbroker does three things really well—we move fast, we scale with any organization at any time, and we provide unmatched support. It turns out, in the Health & Wellness industry, you need all three of those things to survive.

Our H&W clients like Orangetheory Fitness, Rite Aid, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Walgreens understand that trends are changing every second. Influencers on social media push products at a speed previously unheard of in retail. Logicbroker is a provider that moves faster than you do. We get those products on your website in minutes, rather than days and weeks. 

The second most valuable asset is scalability. With a 100% uptime and an API-driven platform that can ensure stability at any order volume, Logicbroker is available whenever your platform goes viral. We’ve seen truly random times when customers’ brands explode and order volumes that double or even triple their standard volume are pushed through perfectly fine on our system. We pride ourselves on that. 

The last piece is support. Support in onboarding, support in order tracking, support in curation, Logicbroker is there for our customers. New brands are onboarded faster than TikTok can make them popular while legacy brands and mainstay products are kept in stock and available for loyal customers. The Logicbroker platform can quite literally handle any problem. 

How does Supply Chain Experience Management (SCXM) fit neatly with Health & Wellness? 

Logicbroker’s position as the premier SCXM eCommerce organization is about being able to support both digitally-native and mainstay retailer brands alike. You can’t tell a new startup to use EDI simply because your oldest client does. Logicbroker can onboard any supplier, using any tech stack, at any time. Our support bleeds over to managing inventory both from suppliers and your distribution centers all while keeping track of pallet locations for mainstay products. 

In any industry, not just Health and Wellness, having mainstay products is vital for your business. If a customer comes to you, either in-store or online, you need to have their products available. People don’t want protein powder in three weeks. They want it today. The Logicbroker SCXM experience is about control, first and foremost. 

How is Logicbroker shaping the narrative around saving money? What do we do differently from our competition? 

We just embrace the headwinds. Tip-toeing around recessionary times doesn’t help anybody. Logicbroker’s biggest focus has always been helping our clients grow, but we also have a proven ROI of up to 547% according to a TEI (Total Economic Impact) study. Whether that be through our white-glove service, automated onboarding systems, or even our vendor report cards, our product offerings allow you to focus on growth, rather than backend support. 

At the end of the day, we want to make our client’s lives easier and make them more money. That’s the whole goal. We eliminate the need for multiple systems to be supported. We are one provider for everything while providing support at every step. And, even more uniquely, we are real people behind the desk. There is no automated ticket system that will be addressed after 10,000 other tickets are considered and lost to the void. Logicbroker is available by phone to address any escalated problem. We know that true partners aren’t just good during good times. We are here for everyone during the bad times as well. 

Last question for you Craig, how have you seen our product offerings change, and how have they evolved to meet customer needs? 

I’ve been lucky enough to watch our premier customers grow, evolve, and pump billions in GMV through our platform because the number one goal at Logicbroker is our customers. The success we’ve had is because we listen. People start new programs and ask us for more and more unique use cases that get expanded to full-fledged product offerings for all of our customers. 

The real innovation, however, came when we streamlined the entire supplier process. Those monoliths of the industry exist because they made foolproof supplier networks. Logicbroker helps our customers eliminate fees, automated the onboarding process, and track performance like no other eCommerce platform can. Our customers asked for one platform for operations, enhancements, connections, training, onboarding, and more. We delivered on that promise. 

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