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By Logicbroker | August 15, 2022

As eCommerce growth surpassed expectations in 2020, retail companies were forced to evaluate new options to keep up with exponential demand. However, there was not a one-size-fits-all solution to the unique challenges (stock shortages, brick-and-mortar, store closings, labor shortages, etc.) plaguing retailers looking to adopt a new eCommerce program. Yet, there was one constant—the need to unlock savings in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and change.

While demand continues to slow, executives must set their organization up for future success with decreased fees, increased performance, and overall cost savings on all things eCommerce. There is only one provider on the market today that can reduce your overall cost of doing business AND triple your operational efficiency all in one platform—Logicbroker.  

Getting Rid of Unnecessary Fees 

The most noticeable impact of joining the Logicbroker family is an immediate reduction in unnecessary communication fees. A Logicbroker contract is set in stone and no matter how high the scaling climbs, what we agree to is the set price for doing business.

Logicbroker doesn’t even charge suppliers connecting to their retail partners. While our competitors charge exorbitant fees for every party, Logicbroker works with retailers to ensure suppliers can test and join their network at no extra cost to the supplier.

In the eCommerce industry, perhaps the most unexpected monthly cost that continues to climb for most retailers are unnecessary Value Added Network (VAN) feesLogicbroker not only offers a free alternative to costly VANs but also helps each organization connect so there is no lost paperwork. The Logicbroker portal offers instant communication tools that are free, easier to use, and offer more insight than a simple file-sharing service.

“[It was a] super smooth transition, [and the] fastest onboarding we’ve had. Top notch support made it super easy for us. Best part is NO monthly fees. Can’t recommend Logicbroker enough.”

Michael Chernoff, President of Dayleen Intimates

Freeing Up Labor 

One of the biggest question marks during any major expansion period is: “What is this going to cost my organization in labor?” Switching from your old legacy eCommerce program or even adopting a brand new solution seems like it would require an influx of IT manhours. Working with Logicbroker, however, is proven to reduce your overall IT workload.

According to a Total Economic Impact study of Logicbroker done by Forrester, Logicbroker freed up the equivalent of three full-time employees (FTEs) and saved the average organization over $500,000 each year. This immediate reduction in working hours helped contribute to Logicbroker’s estimated 547% return on investment (ROI).

“We didn’t want to have to hire technical resources to perform those integrations on our end. Our business is complex enough, it was more cost-effective for us to bring in Logicbroker.”

Director, product and vendor management, Digital Retailer from the TEI report


In today’s world, if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. With Logicbroker, retailers and brands alike have access to our entire network of partners, customers, and brands all at no extra cost. In Forrester’s TEI study, they found that the average Logicbroker retailer adds 25 new vendors per year resulting in a $5.2 million value. 

However, scalability isn’t solely about adding vendors or brands. Logicbroker also connects our customers with 3PLs and warehouses to ensure that all processes run smoothly through the Logicbroker portal rather than having our platform be one of a hundred different tools your organization uses. Logicbroker designed a scalable, one-stop-shop platform and eCommerce solution that frees time, money, and helps secure your organization for the future.

“Drop ship has proven itself as an efficient means of fulfillment for our company and our customers. Logicbroker’s technology has modernized and streamlined the process, connecting us to our suppliers faster than ever and with a lower cost of ownership. We have better vendor management capabilities now, and with complete visibility of our digital supply chain, we are positioned for great, scalable growth,”

Jen Redcay, Manager of Supplier Direct Fulfillment at Boscov’s.

Getting Started 

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