How Retailers Can Have Complete Visibility to Drop Ship Orders

By Logicbroker | January 6, 2020

Going into 2020, online shopping continues to remain strong. With more and more shoppers turning to eCommerce as their primary shopping outlet, competition remains fierce between companies. Cultivating a large network of loyal customers is a winning strategy to keep that competitive edge. As a retailer, maintaining your brand is imperative. As you strive to better serve your customers by offering an expanded inventory assortment and working with 3rd party vendors, maintaining your brand and reputation for excellence must be consistent across all vendors. Beyond our drop ship vendor scorecards, Logicbroker now offers enhanced visibility to what happens after a package has left the warehouse with tracking Parcel Movement.

Leveraging carrier API integration, Parcel Movement enables users to track an order all the way through delivery. Events are pulled to update shipment statuses within the Logicbroker Portal. These statuses included carrier, unable to track, accepted, in transit, delivery attempted, exception, delivered, complete, failed, or ignored (to read more insights into the shipment statuses, check out our knowledge base article). So, what are the benefits to viewing these statuses?

For starters, you have real-time visibility to any exceptions or issues. Proactively react and ensure your customer has the best possible user experience. You can quickly communicate delays or issue a replacement order is sent out if necessary. This high level of customer service will help retain loyalty despite any delivery issues. In a perfect scenario, tracking Parcel Movement complements scorecard performance so you can confidently sense which partners are consistently shipping and completing orders on time and successfully avoiding shipment issues.  

Knowledge is power; the more information you have on success/issues within the order life cycle, the more you can react quickly and appropriately whenever necessary. Looking to get started with tracking Parcel Movement? Contact our team today to learn more and schedule a personalized demo.


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