Logicbroker’s Native Scorecarding Gives Unparalleled Insight Into Supplier Performance

By Jager Robinson | February 16, 2024

Perhaps the most widely adopted feature in the Logicbroker Portal, our native Scorecarding capabilities offer unparalleled insight into supplier performance, long term KPIs, and vendor reliability all at the click of a button. 

Our scorecards give retailers the ability to track any KPIs they wish, set individualized guardrails and qualifications for individual suppliers, and offer a robust UI for ease-of-use. 

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Logicbroker’s Scorecards

Logicbroker’s native scorecarding capabilities allow the operator of a dropship and/or curated marketplace program to have full transparency into supplier performance as it relates to on-time, in-full, and cancellation performance across your dropship and curated marketplace program. The overall scores are based on a letter grade ranging from A+ to F and are weighed based on three parameters: shipment time, percent shipped, and percent canceled. 

The scorecards are visible directly in the Logicbroker portal for both the retailer and supplier, can optionally be emailed to a user or group of users at the retailer and supplier on a regular cadence, and can even be exported to consume into your existing data warehouses or analytics platforms for aggregate reporting. 

Monitoring scorecards frequently allows you as a retailer or merchant proactively address supplier issues before they impact your customer, therefore maintaining frictionless operations and preventing negative customer experiences. 

The suppliers that make up your seller and supplier community aren’t always the same and may need to be measured differently. For example, a manufacturer of “made to order” items like monogrammed BBQ supplies or personalized golf balls, will likely require longer shipping windows. Logicbroker natively allows you to set the shipping window and acceptable cancellation rate across your entire program, but override it based on supplier. 

As your dropship or curated marketplace program scales, managing supplier performance becomes increasingly complex, scorecards help you maintain efficiency by keeping performance front and center with your supplier community in real-time, at all times. For more mature dropship and curated marketplace programs, Logicbroker’s scorecards allow you to prioritize high-performing suppliers over low-performing suppliers that sell the same item to ensure the order gets placed with the supplier that offers your customer the best possible experience. 

By prioritizing high-performing partners, you can build stronger B2B relationships which open up new paths of collaboration and opportunities to further delight your valued customers. 

Bring Logicbroker scorecards to your next supplier meeting to showcase your supplier’s performance to strategize on areas of joint value creation. 

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