Magento Vendor Portal

By Logicbroker | December 8, 2014

Are you a retailer frustrated by a lack of visibility to your order statuses? Or maybe you struggle to communicate with your vendors? Logicbroker’s Magento vendor portal is beneficial to both retailers and suppliers, and is a simple solution that addresses multiple industry problems.

Logicbroker’s Magento vendor portal is included with a dropship360TM subscription/free trial. With the portal, you can add suppliers to begin the integration process, view the statuses of your orders, and communicate with suppliers who are not EDI compliant. Communication is a crucial component to a successful drop ship program. With our Magento vendor portal, your suppliers can easily log in and fulfill orders. Once an order has been marked as complete in the portal, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the change & a branded shipping email can be sent to your customers with tracking information.

The Magento vendor portal is easy to use for both you and your trading partner, fostering better business relationships due to enhanced communication. Suppliers that elect to use the portal can utilize the orders tab to fulfill items in just a few clicks. By logging into the logicbroker vendor portal, you can view all of your orders, or filter them by trading partner. This gives you visibility to your order status so you can monitor progress and ensure fulfillment is on time.

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