Managing Product Content and Listings in Logicbroker

By Logicbroker | September 25, 2020

At Connected Commerce 2020, speaker Emily Pfeiffer, a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, broke down the differences between marketplaces and drop shipping along with the smart choices business should make to grow sales. One takeaway from her session was the difficulty of managing product content across different selling channels. For brands, maximizing product exposure through marketplaces and drop ship retailers is imperative, though maintaining efficiency may make connecting to new channels difficult and less desirable.

Logicbroker’s product team unveiled major enhancements to our product catalog feature to remedy channel scalability issues. Our product catalog works as a PIM (product information management) solution for our supplier (brand) users and Connected Commerce NetworkTM members. Within the Logicbroker Portal, users can create new items and easily share them across numerous channels. As many channels have different requirements, we have created a template with both system defaults and the ability to create custom attributes. Our format has been thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with all channels a user would need to share product information to.

 The following list encompasses the Product Catalog key features:

  • Standardized product content for all channels​ – Due to the vast number of certified integrations our team has completed, we have insights into each channel’s unique requirement. Based on that, we offer a comprehensive template that meets these specifications.
  • Product syndication​ – As previously mentioned, our team has assembled a template, that once filled in, enables you to share product information across all of your retail channels. This saves time, as there is no need to submit multiple templates to the various channels. Additionally, product images can be stored on the Logicbroker CDN (content delivery network).
  • Customize attributes to match your taxonomy​ – In the instance that a product has special attributes, like nutritional information or materials used, within the portal users can create customizations
  • Build mapping templates to your channels​ – Once the template is filled in, specific product rules can be set. This adds an extra layer of automation, as this creates a repeatable process.
  • Expose products to new channels through Connected Commerce NetworkTM – The Connected Commerce Network™ is a modern drop ship solution that connects retailers, brands and fulfillment distributors to an ever-expanding network with superior technology and flexible, yet robust connectivity. Members receive a coveted ‘drop ship certified’ badge that conveys a sense of trust to the digital commerce community, as rigorous testing has been performed to ensure fast and reliable integrations. To learn more, visit

With our Product Catalog functionality, we enable users to create items right in our platform. With one format to fill out and share across all channels, we aim to keep vital business in one, centralized spot to simplify the user experience and ensure compliance with all retailer and marketplace channels. To learn more, view our knowledgebase article and watch the announcement from Connected Commerce 2020.

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