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Delight customers & unlock new revenue opportunities by quickly connecting to an expanded, curated network of suppliers.


In an ecosystem ruled by large, traditional marketplaces, retailers are looking for ways to source new connections with suppliers.

Suppliers and brands have evolving needs. With a marketplace solution for your retail store, offer your suppliers the speed, flexibility and ease of use they crave. Respond quickly to trends and shifts in consumer demand with a curated endless aisle of inventory. 

In an ecosystem ruled by large, traditional marketplaces, carve out your own niche with a curated marketplace and expand in a way that makes sense for your business.

Marketplace vs drop ship: what's the difference?

Drop shipping and marketplace selling are often seen as interchangeable business models. While there are some similarities between the two, there are different approaches to selling, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Before diving into which model (or models) makes sense for your business, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.  


Connect without limits.

Logicbroker’s Marketplace solution is designed to keep up with the evolving needs of today’s retailers and brands. With Logicbroker, retailers can stay ahead of the supply chain, keep best- selling items in stock, and expand product assortment while remaining in control over their supplier relationships. Our customers are able to respond quickly to emerging trends and shifts in consumer demand with a curated, endless aisle of inventory.

Boost Online Sales through Marketplace + Drop Ship Selling: Insights from Digital Commerce 360

In a survey of 83 retailers and brands conducted in October and November 2021, Digital Commerce 360 evaluated current/future marketplace and drop shipping strategies as well as solutions to solve the most common problems of marketplace selling.


Accelerate into the future of marketplace automation.

Logicbroker features a highly scalable, secure platform that connects you to suppliers, brands, and all other trading partners. With a user-friendly portal, robust functionality, and unmatched visibility, choose the marketplace platform that’s built to scale and work for you.


Bringing on new suppliers is becoming easier as more suppliers become savvy in self-service onboarding. We offer a straightforward approach with workflows and UIs crafted from onboarding thousands of suppliers over the years.


We work with most marketplace payment providers to offer a seamless “invoice-free” experience. Sophisticated suppliers in the marketplace expect quick turnarounds for payment. We work with your provider to split the payments quickly and automatically.


Most marketplaces measure product onboarding in hours, not weeks. Fast product onboarding requires an easy-to-use interface for your suppliers as well as guardrails and data governance around product data that adhere to your product standards.


Oversell is an eCommerce killer. Our algorithms offer many ways to manage high-turn products. We offer minimum stock alerts, safety stock allocations, as well as unlimited price and inventory updates from your suppliers.


A key differentiator in operating a marketplace is up-front terms and conditions as well as commission. In many cases, this standard contract helps avoid weeks or months on drop ship contract redlining.


Operating a marketplace will have its share of disputes between customers and suppliers. We offer an automated issue tracking and resolution process along with tools for you to intervene on behalf of your brand.

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Our solution engineers and client experience teams are here to help you optimize eCommerce fulfillment across your entire ecosystem. Whether you’re starting from scratch with Logicbroker or migrating from a legacy system, we’ll get you up and running quickly. Our goal is to ensure no sales or opportunities are lost, so you get the fastest time to value.

Learning Resources

Public Knowledge base/help center: You and your suppliers have access to detailed articles on all things Logicbroker.

Learn Logicbroker™:  Our proprietary LXP (Learning Experience Platform) is provided at no extra cost to all of your suppliers to assist in onboarding and compliance. (Only available for registered Logicbroker Portal users)

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