Self-Service Tools Help Suppliers Conquer Onboarding Woes With Logicbroker’s On-Demand Onboarding

By Jager Robinson | March 29, 2024

In our latest Product Feature Spotlight, we dive into the supplier side of On-Demand Onboarding. With endless hurdles slowing down the onboarding process for smaller vendors, Logicbroker makes it incredibly easy for suppliers of any technical sophistication to connect to their retail partners. 

With prebuilt connections to Shopify, SquareSpace, and more, as well as automated support for those connecting directly, Logicbroker takes all the guesswork out of every onboarding process. Learn more in our latest Product Feature Spotlight video. 

Supplier On-Demand Onboarding

Challenges presented to suppliers during onboarding typically stem from a lack of self-service tools to facilitate the process. 

The Onboarding Invitation from Logicbroker initiates supplier onboarding, providing clear communication about the expected go-live date and steps to complete the process. This email also includes a link to the Logicbroker Onboarding Form, which the supplier uses to provide the documentation necessary for onboarding. With clearly communicated expectations, suppliers can begin the onboarding process prepared, expediting the time it takes to complete and go live.

For suppliers who are already using Logicbroker the process is entirely automated. By selecting “Already using Logicbroker” their existing account is connected to their new retail partner. This reduces the onboarding timeline to a few hours. 

For suppliers who are not yet using Logicbroker selecting “New to Logicbroker” guides them through the process of providing company and contact information that is used to provision an account. Next, suppliers are presented with a list of Logicbroker’s industry-leading integration options including Portal, EDI, API, Shopify, and others providing a way for suppliers of all sizes and technical maturity to connect. From here, the retail partner will review and approve the submission so that an account is provisioned for the supplier. 

Once the supplier has received the account information, they can log into Logicbroker to complete the process. Logicbroker provides access to a robust set of onboarding resources including a knowledgebase and quick-start training videos; these self-service resources facilitate the necessary training and completion of test cases to verify the supplier is ready to go live. And in the event a supplier requires additional support to go live, Logicbroker is there with a client onboarding team to provide support at any step of the process. 

The final step in supplier onboarding is for the account to be set to a live status so that their catalog and inventory are sent to their retail partner, and they can begin receiving and processing customer orders.

With a robust set of self-service tools, Logicbroker enables suppliers to recognize unparalleled speed to onboard and begin receiving their first sales from new retail partners. This expedites the time to value for retailers and suppliers alike, setting the foundation for a strong, long-lasting partnership. 

About Logicbroker

Logicbroker is a premier multi-vendor commerce platform that seamlessly connects trading partners regardless of integration types. Our modern solutions empower retailers and brands to take control of their customer experience by harnessing and analyzing vital first-party data, reducing inventory risk, and curating their expanded assortment. By improving the visibility into our client’s commerce programs, Logicbroker can better position retailers and brands for transformative growth.

As business needs and demand shift, Logicbroker provides the ability to quickly switch suppliers and product fulfillment between 3P to 1P and responsibly find new sources of inventory that uphold your brand integrity and meet your delivery promise. ​We work with mid-market and Enterprise manufacturers, brands, and retailers across a number of verticals including Health & Wellness, Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Babies, and Consumer Packaged Goods and service brands such as Samsung, Victoria’s Secret, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, and BBQGuys

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