The Future Of Multi-Vendor Commerce Is Now

By Jager Robinson | February 23, 2024

In case you missed the big event, we are providing our “Future of Multi-Vendor Commerce” webinar completely free on YouTube. For those looking for insights into how the market is rapidly adopting Multi-Vendor Commerce, please click the link below and enjoy this detail-packed webinar. 

Discover how Logicbroker’s cutting-edge technology enhances the overall experience for both current and future customers and gain insights into how leveraging our seamless integration process unlocks new dimensions of efficiency and functionality. Plus, learn how our advanced marketplace features are set to revolutionize the way businesses operate, offering opportunities for growth and success within your multi-vendor commerce program.

This webinar is your gateway to understanding the game-changing benefits our technology brings to the table. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of integration and discover how Logicbroker’s acquisition of Cortina is shaping the landscape of multi-vendor commerce.


Below is a list of timestamps for the various chapters in the program. While these are not hyperlinked, every chapter is available to browse on the YouTube page. Hover over the time slider in the video to view chapter names, or expand the chapter list to select from a sidebar. 

Introductions –  00:00

Agenda – 00:46

Cortina Co-Founder, Brooke Cundiff, Speaks About Cortina – 03:24

Mark Detelich Speaks On How Logicbroker and Cortina Are Better Together – 09:00

How Multi-Vendor Commerce Has Changed – 11:55

  • Why Having A Good Partner Matters – 14:46
  • You Can’t Afford To Get It Wrong – 16:48
  • How Retailers Are Taking Control – 17:22
  • How Brands Are Taking Control – 20:11
  • What Do You Need To Support Your Program? – 22:08
  • What The Future Looks Like – 23:08
  • Growing With Logicbroker – 25:00

How Logicbroker Differs In The Market – 28:05

  • BBQGuys Success Story – 29:24

How Retailers and Brands Identify New Suppliers – 30:27

  • Monica & Andy Success Story – 33:42

Complete Transparency From Checkout To Delivery – 34:58

  • HD Supply Success Story – 37:05

Next Level Reporting – 38:33

  • Walgreens Success Story – 40:50

How Do You Scale Your Program? – 42:15

  • Fullbeauty Brands Success Story – 46:53

Q&A – 48:32

  • What About Cortina Sparked Interest For Logicbroker? – 49:06
  • How Has The Industry Evolved To Support Multi-Vendor Commerce? – 50:20
  • What Should Cortina Customers Be More Excited For With The Acquisition?  – 53:45
  • What Are People Not Talking About Yet That Will Be Here In The Next 5 Years? 54:54

About Logicbroker

Logicbroker is a premier multi-vendor commerce platform that seamlessly connects trading partners regardless of integration types. Our modern solutions empower retailers and brands to take control of their customer experience by harnessing and analyzing vital first-party data, reducing inventory risk, and curating their expanded assortment. By improving the visibility into our client’s commerce programs, Logicbroker can better position retailers and brands for transformative growth.

As business needs and demand shift, Logicbroker provides the ability to quickly switch suppliers and product fulfillment between 3P to 1P and responsibly find new sources of inventory that uphold your brand integrity and meet your delivery promise. ​We work with mid-market and Enterprise manufacturers, brands, and retailers across a number of verticals including Health & Wellness, Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Babies, and Consumer Packaged Goods and service brands such as Samsung, Victoria’s Secret, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, and BBQGuys.

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