The Top 5 Reasons for Implementing NetSuite EDI + Drop Ship Automation

By Logicbroker | August 19, 2021

NetSuite is a powerful ERP system that is a one-stop shop for many critical business functions. For custom features and functions outside, many trusted third-party partners have developed SuiteApps to work with your NetSuite instance and extend its functionality.

For eCommerce suppliers looking to achieve EDI compliance and improve their relationship with retailer and marketplace partners, implementing an EDI SuiteApp is a simple solution. While there are several options available, we’re evaluating Commerce EDI – Logicbroker’s NetSuite EDI and Drop Ship Automation Connector. Below are the top five benefits associated with implementing Commerce EDI:

Benefit #1: Faster and larger data transfers through concurrency using Commerce EDI scripts

NetSuite has set up rules for users to limit how much server space and total computing power they can access at one time. Integrations with NetSuite are controlled by their integration interface and maintained in certain tab with certain controls, i.e., username and passwords. While NetSuite prefers token base, concurrency controls are more flexible with the token base. The Commerce EDI integration does not require additional license spend – we pass along tokens to our users

Commerce EDI scripts are created in SuiteScript 2.0 and enable large amount of data to process at once through concurrency. Commerce EDI has a concurrency of five, which allows five things to run at once and since our scripts reach out to API rather than NetSuite you will never be in a position where all concurrencies would be utilized at one time. Additionally, the Commerce EDI scripts restart themselves and check their own usage and will finish running in less than five minutes. Most SuiteApps with similar functionality run on schedule scripts.

Benefit #2: 3PL data compliance through certification and integration

Rather than asking ‘can I integrate with 3PLs’, ask ‘how quickly can I connect.’ Built with flexibility in mind, Commerce EDI opens prebuilt “tunnels” to additional partners. This functionality facilitates integrations with 3PLs and their unique system requirements, with Commerce EDI handling the translation between 3PLs and NetSuite. All information is coordinated to ensure what is coming out of NetSuite matches what needs to go down the tunnel. This type of functionality is unique to Commerce EDI.

Benefit #3: Increased revenue and market share from Wayfair and CastleGate channels

Beyond the flexibility to easily connect with 3PLs, Commerce EDI seamlessly connects your NetSuite instance with Wayfair and CastleGate. Traditionally, Wayfair had its suppliers drop ship goods from their warehouses, but recently, they have invested heavily in their logistics and fulfilment network, CastleGate. The goal with CastleGate is simple: leverage a fulfilment platform for a simplified delivery process.

With an end-to-end integration through Commerce EDI, suppliers can exceed Wayfair business requirements, drive more sales, establish a better relationship with Wayfair and improve delivery performance with customers. Maintaining compliance also reduces chargebacks, passing on real savings. To learn more about a NetSuite, CastleGate and Wayfair integration, read this blog.

Benefit #4: Quick response and resolution times from our top-notch support team

Logicbroker’s Client Experience team takes pride in delivering exceptional support to our customers. Whether it’s an in-depth knowledge base available to all our users or after-hours support, we put forward the effort to make sure our customers are armed with the knowledge and support they need to successfully run their business. 

Specifically for our Commerce EDI SuiteApp, in the instance where there is an error, our solution architects will go in to troubleshoot and identify the root. If the issue falls outside of Commerce EDI, our architects will run through each instance and point to where the issue is occurring in your system – this step goes above and beyond the industry-standard approach.

Benefit #5: Increased operational efficiency using omnichannel commerce

Commerce EDI enables a true omnichannel commerce, as visibility and speed is what separates multichannel from omnichannel. With Logicbroker’s scripts, users not only have full visibility but can leverage the fact they were created in SuiteScript 2.0 to enable large amounts of data to process at once. Commerce EDI scripts restart themselves if necessary and check their own usage while enabling the ability to push all orders in at one time and process simultaneously. This feature also helps create efficiencies on the warehouse floor, as real-time updates can direct what personnel needs to be assigned to specific processes. People can be scheduled and move throughout the day to ensure the right people are at the right spot in the warehouse, i.e., you can have dashboards on television screens in the warehouse to instruct your team where they need to be. 


With Logicbroker’s Commerce EDI SuiteApp, suppliers can integrate NetSuite and Logicbroker to facilitate a connection with retailers and third-party shipping systems to exchange transaction details. Marketplaces and major retailers are adding an API for their supplier community. Logicbroker takes an API-led approach to EDI, allowing users to process more orders in less time, improve metrics, and send frequent inventory updates. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to chat with an expert member of our team.

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