Why Brands Should Consider Drop Shipping

By Logicbroker | March 6, 2018

An Inc. article states that drop shipping is the future of retail, yet it’s often overlooked. Despite the growing popularity of ecommerce, many brands have not yet taken advantage of selling online. Research shows that 72% of consumers are not fully satisfied with their current online shopping experience offered by their favorite brands (ecommerceplatforms.com). Odds are, if your site is non-transactional or hard to navigate and lacks product assortment, this is contributing to a higher level of customer dissatisfaction. So, what’s the solution?

It’s simple, really! Invest in your website, enable ecommerce and ensure your brand is accessible on multiple channels. Selling direct to consumer is imperative. Naturally, you’ll want to have a user-friendly site and inventory to capture online sales. However, in order to maximize brand exposure, you should look to sell on different marketplaces and retail channels.

The easiest way to do so? Drop ship. Drop shipping is the practice of sending purchased goods directly from the manufacturer to a customer or retailer with no intermediate distributor (dictionary.com).

Ideally, with drop ship, you can quickly sell your products to large retailers and marketplaces, which would increase both your brand awareness and sales. Unfortunately, many retailers have necessary mandates in place, which may create delays in going live. Luckily, our recommended solutions will help ensure you go to market with your retail trading partners in no time at all.

Automated drop ship solutions enable brands to quickly light up new sales channels and eliminate the complexity of managing multiple trading partners. EDI technology is the primary method of data exchange for many B2B suppliers and major retailers. By being EDI compliant, a brand can become the most reliable vendor in a retailer’s network. Over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies are EDI capable, and by being EDI compliant it enables you to word with these large companies.

With drop ship automation, brands enjoy a highly automated order life cycle, while eliminating manual touch points. This efficiency ensures happy customers and retail partners, while reducing shipping costs, eliminating chargebacks and increasing margins.

As stated earlier, the majority of brands aren’t providing the best online shopping experience for their customers. Don’t limit your brand’s exposure. Selling direct to consumer and enabling drop ship can ensure that your brand’s getting in front of your target audience by aligning with retailers and marketplaces that share your philosophy or cater to the same niche market. The efficiencies and benefits that drop shipping provides makes it one of the best steps a brand can take to enhance their user shopping experience.

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