An Integrated OMS + Drop Ship Platform Provides Unmatched eCommerce Capabilities

By Jager Robinson | July 26, 2023

Nothing in eCommerce is done in a vacuum. Thousands of trading partners, warehouse workers, and fulfillment systems are in constant communication every day to ensure that consumers get their orders in a timely manner. To create a truly frictionless experience for your program, it’s vital that you work closely with an integrated OMS and Drop Ship platform to realize the value of automation, visibility tools, and supply chain experience management. 

Frictionless eCommerce

Frictionless eCommerce focuses on minimizing obstacles, eliminating unnecessary steps, and enhancing customer convenience throughout the entire shopping process. In a frictionless eCommerce environment, customers can easily navigate websites or mobile applications, quickly find the desired items, and make hassle-free purchases. 

For the retailer, frictionless eCommerce is about on-time, in-full shipping and fulfillment, coupled with a smooth returns process and visibility tools that provide unmatched insight into vendors, your supply chain, and SKU performance/availability. An Integrated OMS and Drop Ship Platform provide organizations with these benefits and the ability to automate the orchestration of both your owned inventory and eCommerce programs. 

Instead of relying on your internal teams to manually find orders, track supplier inventories, or even create order reports, your integrated connection points allow for seamless task management systems and supply chain visibility tools. 

Additionally, frictionless eCommerce incorporates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics to enhance user experiences further. Technology providers across the industry are working closely with advanced AI and ML to continue making supplier onboarding and supply chain visibility tools smarter than ever. 

By utilizing predictive analytics from millions of data points in our network, providers are already building tools that will carefully track and monitor your supply chain without having to guess where the next slowdown, fulfillment issue, or supply issue may arise. 

Expanded Assortment

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an Integrated OMS and Drop Ship Platform partnership comes from joint efforts to allow for unique expanded assortment opportunities regardless of industry. With an OMS in place and a trusted drop ship or marketplace solution online, retailers can automatically bring relevant product data in from a supplier at the drop of a hat. 

New SKUs and curated assortment strategies can be accessed in a matter of minutes rather than waiting days or weeks for suppliers’ information to run through your eCommerce program. One of the most revolutionary parts of this new connection will be the ability to allow your OMS to ingest inventory by location so that retailers get global inventory visibility across their network. 

No longer will retailers’ visibility be limited to just their own stores and distribution centers. By tracking supplier inventory and your drop ship program through one master connection, you will be able to sell products that you don’t warehouse while delivering on the same customer promises. This helps organizations grow revenue while greatly reducing the capital expenditures of having to buy and store products in your owned inventory. 

Growth Through Fulfillment 

No eCommerce partnership would be complete without seamlessly improving your fulfillment strategies. OMS and Drop Ship Platforms should team up to provide unmatched visibility into owned and drop ship inventory. This visibility gives a unique insight into their entire supply chain allowing them to carefully navigate supplier inventory concerns and set up secondary and tertiary suppliers for their core offerings. 

With visibility comes actionable intelligence. With an inventory backstop for fast-selling or trending products, no consumer will have to switch from your site to fill their shopping cart or meet their demands. 

Experience True eCommerce

Logicbroker and Kibo Partnership

Logicbroker, one of the industry’s fastest, most flexible eCommerce platforms, is teaming up with Kibo Commerce, the only composable commerce platform that specializes in order management and eCommerce services, to provide clients with unmatched eCommerce solution capabilities.

This partnership, born of both organizations’ desire to provide robust OMS and eCommerce solutions, allows our joint customers to experience frictionless eCommerce, expand their assortment the right way, and reach fulfillment growth targets.

Joint Success Stories
Ace Hardware

One of the most recognizable brands in the home improvement space, Ace Hardware came to Kibo with a need for more robust OMS operations throughout their stores. Kibo’s unique position allowed Ace to achieve record growth in 2021 with an additional 276% in digital sales revenue. Shortly after Kibo and Logicbroker came together to form our revolutionary partnership, Ace Hardware began utilizing Logicbroker’s API-driven platform to provide visibility into their entire supply chain while building an innovative ship-to-home drop ship program.

With both of our platforms working in tandem, Ace Hardware is experiencing a period of unprecedented visibility. With supplier inventory, order management, and returns secured through our connection, Ace no longer has to wonder where orders are in their cycle and its customers continue to experience frictionless purchasing from a trusted brand. 

On Logicbroker’s platform, Ace has been able to free up floor space for fast-moving products and SKUs with bulk discounts. Slower moving or more niche products have been moved to their drop shipping program as Ace Hardware focuses heavily on providing an expanded assortment of goods for its online shoppers. 


Boscov’s is America’s largest family-owned department store. Famous in the Northeast for their competitive pricing and friendly service, they came to Kibo and Logicbroker for the same growth goal. With manual touchpoints and legacy eCommerce providers bogging down their system, Boscov’s Logicbroker-powered Drop Ship program and Kibo-powered OMS are coming together to provide automated onboarding support for new suppliers and reduced IT load for their internal teams. 

Learn More Online

Both Logicbroker and Kibo are excited to continue working together to provide opportunities for retailers and suppliers looking to capitalize on headless, frictionless eCommerce. To learn more about how Kibo is revolutionizing subscription, order management, and commerce solutions, please visit their website. To discover how Logicbroker is capitalizing on supply chain experience management tools to create more robust drop ship and marketplace programs, visit their website

About Kibo Commerce

Kibo Logo

Kibo Commerce is a composable digital commerce platform for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers who want to simplify the complexity in their businesses and deliver modern customer experiences. We are the only modular commerce platform supporting experiences that span Order Management, eCommerce, and Subscriptions. Companies like Zwilling, Ace Hardware, and Coastal Construction trust Kibo to bring simplicity and sophistication to commerce operations and exceed customer expectations.

About Logicbroker

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Logicbroker is the premier Supply Chain Experience Management (SCXM) eCommerce platform. Our unique B2B and D2C offerings give manufacturers and retailers a single source of truth for their supply chain, yielding real-time visibility and communications, higher compliance rates, lower transaction costs, and exceptional customer experiences. Through drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility solutions, Logicbroker processes $6.3 billion in GMV each year and can help your organization achieve Supply Chain Excellence. 

Our integrated suite connects all participants of an organization’s supply chain regardless of the type of business model: owned inventory, drop ship, or marketplace. We work with mid-market and Enterprise manufacturers and retailers across a number of verticals including Health & Wellness, Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Babies, and Consumer Packaged Goods and service brands such as Samsung, Victoria’s Secret, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, BBQGuys, and RiteAid. 

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