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Logicbroker is Microsoft’s most trusted B2B & B2C dropship and marketplace eCommerce fulfillment platform partner.

"For retailers that come to us and talk to us about wanting to expand their product assortment ... Almost always, we turn our conversation to Logicbroker. Logicbroker's built a vast network of retailers and brands that are using their service, so there's partnership opportunities [and new revenue streams] that you wouldn't necessarily be able to create on your own. Logicbroker is a go-to partner for us to recommend to our customers."

- Sue McMahon, Director Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods Partner Strategy at Microsoft

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Unmatched Cloud Performance

Logicbroker and Microsoft work together to ensure the technology powering your business helps you scale seamlessly with spikes in demand all while securing your data on the most advanced cloud server on the market.

Logicbroker is Microsoft’s only dropship and marketplace partner built and seamlessly integrated with the Azure Cloud. When your organization looks to expand assortment, build a curated marketplace, or drive sales through innovative new consumer experiences, you need a tech partner that will both save your team money on additional software services and ensure your eCommerce backend is running 100% of the time.

100% MACC Relief

Saving money has never been this easy. Microsoft Azure customers with a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) can now earn 100% MACC relief by utilizing the Logicbroker eCommerce platform.

When you utilize Microsoft Azure for cloud storage and processing, 100% of Logicbroker’s operating cost counts towards your Azure consumption commitment each year.

One Connection Point

Logicbroker is sold directly through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace and guarantees there will be no tedious connection pain points for your eCommerce program.

No longer will you have to manage multiple accounts, check different uptimes, or hope that both your data storage and eCommerce program will be running at the same time. With Azure’s 100% uptime, coupled with Logicbroker’s unmatched reliability, Logicbroker and Microsoft make your backend experience a breeze.

Our Partner Network

The benefits don’t stop at our organizations. Discover the true meaning of partnership with thousands of in-network vendors, retailers, brands, and more through the Microsoft partner network.

Logicbroker and Microsoft are not the only partners to lean on. Signing with the Logicbroker team ensures that you have access to both our network and Microsoft’s, all at the click of a button.

For more details on these benefits and more, please reach out to [email protected].

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Discover the power of Logicbroker

To get the most out of drop ship and marketplace selling, you need a tech partner that won’t hold you back. See why retailers and brands around the world are choosing Logicbroker to help them capture more revenue, reach and delight new customers, and continuously innovate.

Launch or scale a B2C/B2B dropship program 

Sell more products, reach more customers, boost order volume, and pivot quickly to meet demand 

Create your own curated B2C or B2B marketplace 

Transform your retail site into a curated, one-stop-shopping destination for your customers 

Expand with supply chain visibility 

Eliminate supply chain challenges through visibility into your entire  order lifecycle

Count on solid, consistent, and measurable results

Increase in AOV
for top 10 LB customers
even during peak demand periods
in drop ship sales
Avg. Increase
in YoY GMV
in orders and GMV

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