Save time and money by building one RESTful API integration and allow Logicbroker to handle all your trading partner specifications.

Why the Logicbroker API?


The Logicbroker API allows you to communicate through the entire order life cycle with any partner using one connection endpoint. Regardless if the brand or retailer sends orders in EDI, XML, CSV, or JSON, the same format will be consumed. Learn more about our API for EDI technology in this helpful blog post

Simple Structure

The Logicbroker API is used by major brands and very well documented. It has all the code snippets and sample flows for an easy integration. It was also the first managed EDI RESTful API available to the public.

API graphic - Logicbroker
Logicbroker flexible connectivity graphic


Instead of polling our API to look for a new update or new document, you can set up a webhook that will post to an http(s) endpoint that you configure.


Utilizing our flow, you can implement your own EDI + drop ship program, allowing suppliers and warehouses to receive orders and send updates in a variety of different formats, including EDI, CSV, JSON, and XML.

The Logicbroker Commerce API allows for seamless integrations without you having to worry about custom formats or different connection points: one format, one endpoint, limitless partners.

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