Logicbroker Recognized As A Market Leader in McFadyen’s Marketplace Suite Spot Report

By Logicbroker | January 5, 2023

McFadyen Digital, the leading global agency for eCommerce marketplace strategy, implementation, and performance management, released their Suite Spot report in late December, which evaluates the top technologies that businesses can use to create, launch, and grow a multivendor eCommerce ecosystem in the form of a marketplace, drop ship program, or hybrid model. 

Logicbroker was compared to our competitors and came out as the most cost-effective, functional, and industry-leading eCommerce solution on the market. Logicbroker was compared to Marketplacer, Mirakl, Spryker, Unirgy, VRTO, VTEX, and Webkul.

What Sets Logicbroker Apart

Logicbroker is the premier Supply Chain Experience Management (SCXM) eCommerce platform. Our unique B2B and D2C offerings give manufacturers and retailers a single source of truth for their supply chain, yielding real-time visibility and communications, higher compliance rates, lower transaction costs, and exceptional customer experiences. Through drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility solutions, Logicbroker can help your organization achieve Supply Chain Nirvana. 

Our integrated suite connects all participants of an organization’s supply chain regardless of the type of business model: owned inventory, drop ship, or marketplace. We work with mid-market and Enterprise manufacturers and retailers across a number of verticals including Health & Wellness, Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Babies, and Consumer Packaged Goods and service brands such as Samsung, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Coca-Cola, and Riteaid

Takeaways From The Report

There are three key takeaways from the Suite Spot report—the value of a curated marketplace, the benefit of Logicbroker’s white-glove support and automated onboarding, and the scalability of Logicbroker’s flexibility inside every vertical. These three key aspects propelled Logicbroker to the top of McFadyen’s findings and cemented our spot amongst the upper echelon of eCommerce solutions. 

1. Curated Marketplace Value

Online eCommerce marketplaces have taken hold of the industry. With marketplaces reaching a staggering $300 billion in sales in the U.S. alone by the end of 2022, an online curated marketplace allows your organization to tailor your selection of goods for specific target demographics, ensuring your organization is the go-to eCommerce shopping experience for your market segment. 

In McFadyen’s Suite Spot report, Logicbroker emerged as the only genuinely scalable marketplace solution built upon improving and managing your organization’s supply chain. After launching our B2B Marketplace offering in September 2022, Logicbroker’s best-in-class marketplace features, high-volume capability, and relatively affordable costs all contribute to our top ranking on the Suite Spot report. Our flexible approach, combined with our customer’s unique products, vision, and consumer support methods combine to yield a ROI of over 500% on average for Logicbroker customers. 

2. White Glove Onboarding & Seller Support

Logicbroker’s commitment to providing top-notch onboarding and seller support is a major advantage for retailers. The company’s dedicated team helps sellers navigate the process of getting set up on the platform and provides ongoing support to ensure their success. This level of support is crucial for retailers looking to build and maintain a strong seller base, as it helps to ensure a smooth and successful marketplace experience for both the retailer and the seller. On average, Logicbroker customers are able to reduce their marketplace operations load by three Full Time Employees (FTEs). 

When starting a marketplace, oftentimes organizations can overlook that they now have to provide excellent service not just to their customers, but now also to their sellers. With Logicbroker’s white glove onboarding and seller support, we provide that support, so the marketplace operator doesn’t have to. Our competitors will often charge their operators with staffing dozens of seller support operators to make up for their own lack of support which leads to increased costs, headaches, and confusion for those sellers looking for simple answers. 

In McFadyen’s report, Logicbroker’s advanced features accurately portrayed us as the only solution that can cover every aspect of market needs including 1st party eCommerce, drop ship, third-party marketplace, quantitative management, and optimizing your eCommerce solution. Logicbroker also now provides automated seller onboarding that is done in just 54 minutes. 

3. Flexibility

Perhaps the most important segment highlighted in the McFadyen Suite Spot report, Logicbroker emerged as the only eCommerce solution provider that covered every single market aspect in one comprehensive solution. Our platform connects vendors, brands, retailers, and more through advanced B2B and D2C Drop Shipping, Marketplace, and Supply Chain Visibility models that ensure every aspect of your business can track vendor performance, automated onboarding support, management tools, orders, inventory, and more through just one portal. 

In addition, McFadyen found that Logicbroker was the only eCommerce solution provider that has published connections with the industry’s largest partners. Our competitors continuously provided little to no partner support, limiting their customer’s access to more consumers. 

Logicbroker recently became Microsoft’s only Drop Ship and Marketplace partner that can offer new customers dollar-for-dollar relief on their Azure consumption commitment. 

Discover the Power of Logicbroker

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